Four Vital Tips for Restoring a Classic Motorcycle

24 March 2018

Whether you have a passion for rolling “heavy iron” like the Panther Model 100, or you’re more into speed with classic bikes like the Triumph Bonneville, enjoying your passion will likely mean finding...

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The Most Difficult Aspects of Classic Car Restoration

01 March 2018

Restoring a classic car allows you to breathe new life back into an iconic vehicle. It’s equal parts passion and precision, investment and hobby.In a best-case scenario, it can give you a stunning show ca...

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The Panther Model 100 – Heavy Iron

24 February 2018

While Phelon and Moore produced many motorcycles during their time, few gained the recognition that the Panther Model 100 enjoyed. It was not the fastest bike of its time – it wasn’t even designed for heavy use at the track. It also didn’t feature much in the way of innova...

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