The Two Ball Banger Rally: Rally Racing Europe

19 June 2017

While the UK is home to plenty of rally races bothlarge and small, there are several that span the continent that might be worthyour time. The Two Ball Banger Rally might just be one of those, particularlyif you’re interested in a race that has few rules. Actually, the organisers dosay that this is not a “race”, but it is a competition. It’s similar in natureto the Cannonball Run race that’s held in Europe (and across the Pond in theUS), but there are some key differences.


What’s theBanger Rally All About?

Before we touch on the route or anything like that,let’s consider the most interesting thing about the Two Ball Banger Rally.There’s no requirements on cars, other than you have a limit of spending justover £500 if you’re buying one specifically for the race. Other than that, thesky’s the limit. Own a supercar? Bring it. Own a junker that’s held togethermostly by rust and wishful thinking? Bring it. The organisers go to greatlengths to stress that anyone, with any type of car whatsoever, is free toenter.


About the Race

So, where does the rally take place? Actually, itspans four days, and covers nine different countries. It starts in France, andthen runs through Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy andMonte Carlo before returning you to France once more. Note that this is justone of three options. When you sign up, you can choose the original rally, thebeach rally, or the lakes rally. Each is different, but covers the same amountof distance.


With the original rally, you’ll encounter quite a fewof the most popular sights in Europe, including Germany’s Black Forest, LakeComo, Stelvio Mountain Pass, and Monaco to name only a few. The organisers havedone a fine job of delivering a very challenging route that includes twistingmountain passes, hairpin turns in deep forests, narrow tracks with plenty oftwists and turns, and other hurdles that you’ll need to overcome.


The Itinerary

The event kicks off with travel from the UK to France,where you’ll meet in Saint-Omer. There, you’ll enjoy beer and food, beforeheading off to bed to prepare for the first day of racing. The next day you’llcover almost 300 miles as you travel through France, Belgium and Germany beforebedding down for the night.


The second day of the race sees you completing 329miles as you leave Germany and enter Austria. The third day requires you tocover 249 miles through treacherous mountain passes and deep valleys inAustria, Switzerland and Italy. The final day requires you to complete 236miles through Italy, Monaco and then finally France before attending the finalparty and the award ceremony in Nice, France.


Whether you’re interested in the original rally, thebeach rally or the lakes rally, Two Ball Rally has something to offer prettymuch everyone.





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