Specialist Fleet Insurance

Fleet owners and managers face serious challenges handling and maintaining the vehicles in their care. At Lifestyle Insurance Brokers, we know that running a fleet involves compliance with ever expanding legislation, and cost and claim management.

Diverse Fleet Insurance Solution

Automotive fleets range from two vehicles to thousands. They can include anything from business-owned vehicles for employee use to loan cars for customers and a great deal more.  Lifestyle Insurance Brokers have the experience necessary.

Our wide range of suppliers ensures we have the ability to find Commercial Vehicle Insurance for all practical applications.

A Single Policy to Cover All Your Vehicles

Whether regular Fleet Insurance, Van fleet Insurance or Mini Fleet Insurance. Speak to our advisors about a Fleet Insurance Policy. This can make insurance easier to understand, reduce paperwork, eliminate multiple billing dates and even save you money.

Protect Your Investment

Driving is the single most dangerous activity in the UK, and work-use vehicles (and the employees behind the wheel) need protection. Businesses that own and operate fleets must protect their investment, vehicles and employees alike. An estimated 30% of all serious and fatal injuries on UK roadways involve work-related activities.

The Protection Offered

At Lifestyle Insurance Brokers, we take pride in helping you find the right insurance for your fleet, and providing a wide range of protections. Our motor fleet insurance provides:

  • Protection for business-owned vehicles in the event of an accident or other damage
  • Protection for employees operating business-owned vehicles
  • Protection for third-party vehicles involved in an accident in the event that the employee operating the vehicle is found to be at fault

Your fleet is a significant investment, and so are your employees. Let us help you protect that investment with the ideal fleet insurance solution for your particular needs.
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