Protect Your Business against the Threat of Claim Culture

You take pride in providing your customers with the right vehicle for their needs and budget, and Lifestyle Insurance Brokers takes pride in helping to protect you. According to data from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), the single greatest source of complaints against motor traders stem from the sale of second-hand cars. In fact, there were over 68,000 such claims made in 2008, and that number has only grown since then.

Legal Liability Threatens Your Success

As a motor trader, you do your best to ensure that any vehicles sold or repaired through your business are inspected, vetted and repaired to a reasonable standard. However, a motor trader can be taken to court over a complaint regardless of this. You could have about a legal liability for a defect you were not aware of.

Legal liability could threaten the very foundation of your success. Disgruntled customers and dishonest individuals can very easily wreak havoc on your business. A single lawsuit can devastate your financial standing, even if you're found to be in the right. Fees, court costs, litigation costs , it all adds up very quickly. And this does not take into account the potential damage such a claim could cause to your reputation.

Your legal liability to the customer starts as soon as they visit your premises. In addition you must have liability cover for Employees.

Liability Insurance from Lifestyle Insurance Brokers

While public liability insurance is not compulsory for motor traders, it has become a necessity. Simply put, there is no better way to protect your business and livelihood from the threat posed by claim culture. Liability cover is cost effective. After all, a single claim by a dissatisfied customer or a single accident by a customer on your premises can carry the threat of bankruptcy. 

Motor traders in the UK are bound by a duty of care towards their customers. It's your obligation to provide a safe environment. A garage can be a very dangerous place, and without public liability insurance, a single customer accident on your property could have serious repercussions. 

Liability insurance is also designed to protect your business in the event of damage as a result work of performed. Let's say you fitted a tyre for a customer, and it ultimately failed, causing damage or injury. Your business could be held liable for that. Liability insurance helps protect you.

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